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Version changes (5.3.1-5.3.2)

Optimization function

  • [Delivery] The application release record information is complete, and the local record releases the name of the application store and the name of the application template.
  • [Delivery] The change display of component health detection properties has been added during the upgrade process.
  • [Delivery] Application templates exported by DockerCompose correctly handle connection information variables.
  • [Performance] Optimized the performance of the Enterprise View Statistics API to speed up page loading when there are a large number of components.
  • [Management] Optimized the loading speed of the component library list in the offline environment.
  • [Installation] Added detection and non-compliance prompts for Kubernetes versions.
  • [Installation] Added prompting users to query detailed logs after cluster installation errors.
  • [Installation] Highlights the prompt for the user's necessary environment during cluster installation.

BUG fix

  • 【Delivery】Fixed the bug that the application upgrade resulted in the rolling update of the unchanged components;
  • [Management] Fix the bug that the application list page and the application details page have inconsistent statistics on the resources occupied by the application;
  • [Management] Fixed the bug of prompt error after team resource limit;
  • [Management] Fixed the bug that Helm application configuration parameters did not take effect;
  • [Management] Fixed the bug that the Helm application upgrade page could not load data;
  • 【Management】Fixed the bug of incorrect initialization of the application connection information variable of the installation application market;
  • 【Management】Fixed the bug of failing to install some apps in the app market;
  • [Management] Fixed the bug that the gateway policy is set to websocket not taking effect;
  • [Management] Fixed the bug of memory allocation error after the application switches the governance mode;
  • [Installation] Fixed the bug that the cluster initialization progress was inconsistent with the actual state;
  • 【User】Fixed the bug that single-sign-out cannot be performed in single-sign-on mode;
  • [CI] Fixed the bug that the project list could not be listed in the code repository of the privatized version of Gitee;
  • [Stability] Fixed the bug that rbd-worker exits abnormally when switching between master and slave;