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Version Changes (5.3.0-5.3.1)

new features

  • 【App Store】Support Helm application warehouse docking;
  • 【Application Management】Support Helm application installation and configuration;
  • [Microservice Governance] Supports two ways to access Helm-installed applications through gateways or internal component dependencies;
  • [Microservice governance] Added the service governance capability of the GRPC protocol;
  • [Microservice governance] Added control over the startup sequence of containers under components, enabling mesh containers to start before business containers;
  • [Component management] Added a third-party component based on the kubernetes service service discovery type;
  • [Source code construction] Go language adds support for Go 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 versions of Runtime;
  • [Source code construction] The Go language adds new configuration for building modules and startup commands;
  • [Source code build] Added support for shell hooks during pre_build and post_build builds in Java, Go, PHP and other languages;
  • [Enterprise management] Added batch management capabilities for user teams and roles in user management;
  • [Enterprise management] A new function entry for opening a cluster has been added to the team management;
  • [Cluster installation] Support RKE cluster configuration to realize flexible adjustment of cluster node configuration;

Optimization function

  • [Performance] The application upgrade system is optimized, supporting batch upgrade of 100+ components;
  • [Performance] Optimize the installation of components from the app store, and support batch installation of 100+ components;
  • [Performance] Improve the topology map loading logic to speed up the topology map loading speed in large applications;
  • [Performance] Optimized the performance of the application-level lifecycle operation API in the case of a large number of components;
  • [Stability] The application gateway is optimized to solve the failure of the gateway memory leak caused by abnormal application access;
  • 【Component Management】Environment variables and configuration group variables that support null values;
  • 【Monitoring Alarm】Remove the wrong node health detection alarm policy;
  • [Component management] Refactor the implementation of the local storage type of components, and support the use of local storage components to reuse the scheduling strategy of the cluster;
  • [Internal component library] Added application model version management, which supports displaying version introductions on the release page;
  • [Component management] Support component setting custom host name resolution record;

BUG fix

  • [Source code construction] Fixed the failure that the .netcore source code construction task could not be completed;
  • [Console] Fixed the failure of gateway policy search function being unavailable;
  • [Source code build] Fix the fault that the source code build cannot be executed after the Maven configuration is deleted;
  • 【Stability】Fixed gateway failure caused by incorrect gateway policy parameters;
  • 【Component Management】Fix the failure of inconsistent number of component instances;
  • 【Stability】Fixed the failure of rbd-worker system components restarting abnormally due to unstable etcd;
  • 【Application Management】Fixed the failure of application backup unavailable when connecting to a non-HTTPS mirror repository;
  • [Cluster installation] Fix the fault that the certificate of the cluster mirror warehouse is inconsistent;