No need understand Kubernetes'

Cloud Native Application Management Platform

No Dockerfile, No Yaml, No need understand Kubernetes, Quickly deploy applications to multiple K8s clusters with only source code, Application Management platform suitable for privatization deployment.
015min install

Run the following command in the terminal:

curl -o && 
IMGHUB_MIRROR=rainbond bash ./
0230min Get Started

After that, open a browser and type http://<YourIP>:7070, and you can access the Rainbond UI. Follow the Quick Start to deploy your first app.


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Production Users

Cloud Native Platform for Easy of use and Flexibility

Easy to use

Application level operations and experiences, Let developers focus on the business itself, Don't need to understand Containers and Kubernetes.


Via non-intrusive tech, Let traditional app be implemented without modification Service governance and auto operation and delivery, etc.

Integration Platform

One platform for DevOps, app lifecycle manage, service mesh, app market, Kubernetes multi-cluster manage and multi-tenancy. Out of the box

Rich extension features

Over 80 open source apps and plugins ready to use. Via plugin and app market Extend OPS, service governance, modular development, etc.

Zero learning cost, graphical interface, mouse click to complete all operations

  • Check language
  • Custom build env
  • Running parameter
  • Auto build and run

Automatic source code identification and deployment

Automatically recognizes multiple development languages such as Java, Python, Golang, NodeJS, Dockerfile, Php, .NetCore, etc., build and deploy through a guided process without writing Dockerfile and Yaml.

Business modular assembled

Reusable business components are released in one click, unified component library storage, and business components are accumulated and reused through business component building blocks.

  • Component publish
  • Component markets
  • Add component
  • 业务组件拼装Component assembly
  • Cluster monitor
  • Node monitor
  • App topology
  • Performance monitor

Abundant observability

Rainbond provides comprehensive observability, including cluster monitoring, node monitoring, application monitoring, and component monitoring.

Application Lifecycle Management

Serverless experience, application management and operation and maintenance, component management and operation and maintenance, non-intrusive micro-service architecture.

  • App manage
  • Component manage
  • Gateway manage
  • Service Mesh

500+ open source application one-click deployment and upgrade

Complete the environmental migration of Xinchuang in three steps

Step 1: Install

Install Rainbond in the domestic XinChuang environment (Rainbond support common domestic CPU and operating system).

Step 2: Identify and deploy

Traditional applications are automatically identified and deployed to the trust creation environment (automatically compiled and compatible with domestic CPU, and automatically deployed to compatible servers).

Step 3: Management

Use Rainbond to manage the whole life cycle of Xinchuang applications, such as startup, build, update, shutdown, rollback, etc.

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Rainbond is an open source project, you are welcome to join our open source community group for discussion, you can submit an issue on GitHub, or you can ask questions in WeChat or DingTalk or Slack group, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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