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Community Support

This page will list some Rainbond related communities for you to join.

Please read our Code

before participating in the Rainbond community communication.All community members are expected to abide by this code.

WeChat Group

You can get community support in the Rainbond WeChat technical exchange group, where community members or community users can help you solve problems.

  • Please add the Rainbond assistant's WeChat account, note [name-company-city], and the assistant will invite you to join the Rainbond technical exchange group.

  • Follow the Rainbond WeChat official account to learn more user cases, best practices, etc., and learn first-hand dry goods.

DingTalk Group

You can search for the group number 31096419 in DingTalk to join the Rainbond DingTalk technical exchange group.

Slack Channel

You can join by clicking the link Rainbond Slack Channel.

Community Forum

You can search for your question in the Rainbond Community or ask a new question, please check the Community Specificationbefore asking a new question.

The Rainbond Community Forum is where Rainbond community members or community users have questions about your posts answered.

Github Issues

Rainbond Community Forums and Github issues You can search for your issues or ask new ones.