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Quick installation

The current installation method allows you to quickly experience the full functionality of Rainbond by running a single container. This version is designed for single-node experiences, suitable for trying out Rainbond features or for personal development environments. It supports Windows (x86_64), Mac (Intel/M1), and Linux (x86_64, Arm64).


  • Install Docker, if docker environment is not present on Linux, it will be automatically installed through a shell script; If you are using macOS, install Mac Docker Desktop; If you are using Windows, install Windows Docker Desktop
  • Make sure that ports 80, 443, 6060, 7070, and 8443 are available.

Installation steps

Rainbond provides an installation script to quickly launch Rainbond within a Docker container. During the script execution, you will be prompted to manually set the EIP (External IP). Once the deployment is complete, you will use this IP address to access the Rainbond console.

curl -o && IMGHUB_MIRROR=rainbond bash ./

After executing the aforementioned script, please wait patiently for 3-5 minutes. You will see the following log output, indicating that Rainbond has completed its startup:

2022-10-11 11:50:38 INFO: Rainbond started successfully, Please pass http://$EIP:7070 Access Rainbond

Next step

When you visit Rainbond, you can refer to getting started to use Rainbond.


If the installation process of the single node experience version is not completed for a long time, please refer to the document installation troubleshooting guide. Or join us on Slack ask for help.

Extended parameter

By default, 10 ports from '10000-10010' are added for service TCP ports. If you need more TCP ports, pass the command printed in the script, delete the container restart and add '-p' to map the new port.